The 10 Painful Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money Online

Posted: October 6, 2010 in mmotraffic

The 10 Painful Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money Online – Sourceblogger

Are you having trouble making money online? Of course you are! Want to start making money online for all the time and energy you spend blogging? Of course you do!
But, there’s a real reason why you haven’t been successful —and no one has honestly shared with you the painful truth why your blog doesn’t make money online, have they?!
Until now!
Some of what is going to be shared…you may know it already…whether you want to admit it or not.
So, put your seatbelt on and let’s take a look at what we can do to start increasing your online earnings, shall we?

1) Why Did You Pick The Niche/Category of Making Money Online Anyway?

As was mentioned in “How Much Money Do Bloggers Make Blogging,” only a very small percentage of bloggers are consistently making a significant amount of money online blogging.

If you sat down with that select group of bloggers, you would see they possessed something that you do not at this point — experience.

It’s very difficult to provide monetization advice when you just don’t have that experience. And no, you can’t “fake it until you make it!”

2) Who Are You? Why Should I Listen To You About Making Money Online From Blogging?

Sure, bloggers are 30% more likely to buy something online, but only from reputable resources.

Blogging is truly about trust, transparency and visibility…qualities that you have not established thus far.

Reach out to your fellow bloggers and readers; develop your network first.

(Hint: Think about getting your own domain. Blogspot in your site’s URL is a big deterrent. Are you just here temporarily?

3) I Want  Know More About…

Developing an opt-in list, the successful creation and launching of a digital product or service , I want to know what a shared revenue project is, I want to know what affiliates to use and what type of advertising would work for my blog, I want to know…how to increase traffic. I want to know…I want to know…I want to know! Hello?!

So, you wanted to be the “Make Money Online” guru…are you prepared to answer these types of questions from your readers?

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