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MMO Traffic expands to North America, names online industry veteran Thomas Lee as head of new U.S Operations.

MMO Traffic, a division of MMO Life, the world’s leading international MMO marketing company, has appointed Thomas Lee as Chief Revenue Officer and head of U.S. operations. Adding to their world-renowned leadership team, Lee will act as a bridge between the MMO Traffic team in the Netherlands and the new U.S. operation in Los Angeles. Lee’s new role includes overseeing the U.S. expansion,spearheading business development efforts, expanding operations, overseeing partner relations and bringing new developers on board. He will in addition focus on building relations with international companies, specifically those based in Asia.

“Appointing Thomas is an extremely important play for the future growth of MMO Traffic,” said Chief Executive Officer and Founder, MMO Traffic, Reinout te Brake. “As a respected game industry veteran, Thomas’ extensive international network, deep knowledge of the MMO industry and broad experience collaborating across departmental lines mixed with his extraordinary respect of people and our shared values and ambitions make him the perfect choice to lead U.S. operations, build our developer network and ensure the continued success of MMO Traffic.”

A video game executive and entrepreneur with a deep understanding of both development and publishing, Lee brings with him more than 15 years of game industry experience with some of the world’s most distinguished publishers, including Origin/EA, Square Enix, and most recently Gamepot (USA) Inc., where he served as Senior Director of Business and Marketing spearheading efforts to make a top free-to-play game portal in North America. Prior to Gamepot, Lee was a pivotal member of Nexon America’s new business development team for two years, overseeing the free-to-play game publisher’s major growth.

“The opportunity with MMO Traffic is a perfect fit with my knowledge and international network,” said Thomas Lee, chief revenue officer, MMO Traffic. “As Chief Revenue Officer, and the new Head of U.S. Operations, I look forward to furthering the company’s success and growth as we continue to redefine the MMO game marketing landscape, becoming the leading MMO marketing partner worldwide.”

MMO Traffic, part of the MMO Life Group, is the largest MMO games network using affiliate partnerships with a worldwide reach. MMO Traffic strives to increase developer’s player base by using new channels to gain higher customer penetration and provide customers with additional value through delivering targeted audience. By connecting premium content with the high-quality targeted affiliates, MMO Traffic delivers a profitable balance for both developers and affiliates alike.

Offerings include MMO Traffic’s portfolio of leading MMO games, from wide-ranging, localized content catering to the needs of the general public to those of hardcore MMO game fans. The company provides unique, high converting campaign formats with a variety of choice, ranging from display ads and widgets to integrated content in the look and feel of the affiliate’s websites.

MMO Traffic has also developed a state-of-the-art platform with a universal interface. The company’s proprietary geo-IP targeting software aggregates detail-rich micro data (i.e. IP-tracking, digital postal, geographical intelligence) that is invaluable for planning highly regionalized advertising campaigns and creative, localized content.


7 Tips for creating a great Affiliate site

Posted: September 19, 2010 in News

7 Tips for creating a great Affiliate site


I was thinking about what goes into creating a new affiliate site, and I’ve outlined the seven important elements when I start up a new affiliate project.

This primer is intended for folks that are just breaking into affiliate marketing. I know some people are searching for a “get rich quick” lesson, and that’s not the way it works with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate sites should be viewed as long-term projects, and not quick hits.

As far as the prevalence of affiliate programs among retailers, Internet Retailer magazine recently released their list of the Hot 100 Retail Web Sites, and 75% of those retailers had one or more affiliate programs in place.

Anyhow, here are the seven things to consider when setting up an affiliate site. Note that the various services I mention are those that I use personally. I mention them, because I’ve been happy with the pricing and service and would personally recommend them.

Also, I would create a new site with WordPress as the content management system, because of the ease of use and flexibility of the platform. You can get WordPress for free. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, I’d suggest reading through WordPress For Dummies

2-3 topics you care about
When starting a new affiliate site, don’t try to leverage the latest trends. Instead, focus on topics that interest you. Try brainstorming 2-3 areas where you are passionate and create your site based on the one that you think you’d like to focus on the longest.

Domain name
You’ll need a domain for your new site. I use, where you can get a .com domain for around $10 per year. Don’t obsess about your domain name – I’d say you shouldn’t spend more than 20 minutes picking it out. Just get something relevant to your topic, and the shorter the better. Start with a registration of one year, because you can extend it at any time, but if you decide the domain stinks, there is no use being locked into multiple years.

There are many options for hosting your site. For the purpose of simplicity, there are two main types of hosting accounts you can get: shared servers and dedicated servers. The former is a cheaper option where your site is on a server with lots of other sites, while a dedicated server only has your site(s) on it. When you’re starting a new affiliate site, a shared plan should suffice. Currently, I use bluehost for some new, small projects and Liquid Web for my main, important sites. bluehost is low-cost and they have a one-click install for WordPress. Liquid Web is a bit pricey, but you’re paying for excellent support and uptime.

Email service
One of the key methods for driving traffic back to affiliate sites is to work with an email service provider that enables your visitors to opt-in to get updates, newsletters, etc. from you by email. I use AWeber to manage my email lists and messages. AWeber enables me to provide an option for visitors to subscribe to my blog RSS via email, as well as newsletters, and series of follow-up emails on various topics.

This is the cheapest and most important part of a new affiliate site: patience. Resist the temptation to put up ads right away. Instead, focus on building content to give people a reason to visit your site. When the time comes to incorporate ads, focus on relevant ads, and not those that pay the best. I’d suggest posting ten or more times (or longer) to a blog before any ads are up there. When you do put up ads, go beyond the banner. The vast majority of my affiliate commissions come from text links.

So, if I am writing about a new camera or computer, I’ll link the name of the device to a place where it can be purchased. That’s far more effective than a banner for the product. But it’s essential that you constantly test different ways to run advertising on your site to optimize the advertising strategies and phase out things that don’t work. Use an ad server like OpenX to run A/B testing.

Also, you don’t want to hear this, but you shouldn’t expect much money for months. It takes time to build up a site and an audience. It can be a grind, but stick with it.

Find your voice
People will follow your affiliate site as they get to know you. Odds are that you’re not a journalist, so don’t pretend. Just be yourself and write in your voice. It can sometimes get tough to think of things to wrote on your blog, so make it a practice to have an editorial calendar where you will schedule topics to write in the future. I frequently send myself email with ideas for future blog posts.

Also, consider setting up a page where people can ask you questions about your topic and answer them on the blog. I use to manage this process. And you can bulk up the content of your site with targeted articles from I not only publish articles from there, but write them, too (Shawn Collins on, so I can get more exposure for my site.

Finding an affiliate program

There are a variety of ways that affiliates can find affiliate programs. The 2009 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report breaks out all of the ways that affiliates are finding out about affiliate programs to join.

If you are in the gaming space, you’ll want to check out, the best monetization for MMOs on the planet!

It appears the search giant is constantly evolving how they determine importance on the web, and recency is becoming a more pervasive trend among the Google technocrati.

Check this article below by Denise Griffitts who has interesting details on what is becoming more important to get you the traffic you desire.

Click here for the complete story:

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Registration Opens for G-Star 2010

Posted: August 19, 2010 in News

What a great exhibition of entertainment! G-Star 2010

‘G-Star 2010’ organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and the Busan Metropolitan City, and co-hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency, and the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency.

This annual Game Exhibition will feature a wide variety of local and international game industry, as well as pc/on- line game, wireless/mobile game, video/consol game, machinery and other services.

There will also be ICON (International Content Creator’s Conference) 2010, Korea-China Game Culture Festival 2010, Korea Game Awards 2010, GNGWC (Game & Game World Championship) 2010.

‘G-Star 2010 can join the B2C and B2B, and companies want to participate G-Star website ( is through the participation application. G-Star secretariat said” We have 2 kinds of discount programs and variety support programs (accommodation, transportation etc.) for all participants overseas exhibitors. Whatever you imagine you’ll see more of G-Star 2010”

Registration for participants is until 15th of November 2010 and it is possible on G-star website(

Last year’s fair featured over 198 exhibitors from 21 countries, divided between two halls (B2C / B2B).

For more information, visit

The Hollywood Reporter International has a great article that explains how German Game publishers Bigpoint and Gameforge are leading the way in Free-to-play Online games.

Both partners with MMOLife, our relationship with them has always exceeded our expectations and therefore it is no surprise they are in the forefront of this great article.

This is truly the topic at this year’s Gamescom, which starts tomorrow in Cologne and lasts through the 18th.   (See 2 blog posts down for details and a link)

With growth of  $800 million to $3 billion in 6 years, Online F2P games are here to stay!

Click here to read the entire article @ THR Int’l has a great article on how to make money running a website.

I was able to focus on a single paragraph in the entire story that really struck a chord, so I quote:

“Selling affiliate marketing products from a website can also generate high levels of revenue where the website is sufficiently focused in subject nature and the right products can be found. Success in this respect means choosing only a few very relevant products and pitching them to site visitors in such a fashion as to make their purchase seem extremely attractive and beneficial”

The writer, Gordon Hamilton, hit the nail on the head right there.

All the more reason you should be signing up to take advantage of the MMOTraffic program right now, as you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To read the full article at, click here.

MMOLife, the global leader in Free to play MMO Gaming, is at Gamescom in Cologne! We will be demonstrating our first-of-its-kind, MMO Affiliate platform, (

We will attend the show from 17th-20th August ( and we have a meeting room as part of the Dutch Games Pavilion.

Please reach us at contact [a] or bram [a] and we will arrange a time to meet. We anticipate being very busy this year so please book your appointment with us as early as possible.

See you at the show!

Trilogy Studios Taps PlaySpan for Launch of Firefly

– A Complete Social Game Development and Monetization Platform –

Los Angeles & Santa Clara, Calif. – August 3, 2010 – Social game developer Trilogy Studios today introduced its Firefly platform, an industrial strength MMO technology framework for the development of social and casual multiplayer online games. Trilogy has signed PlaySpan, the global leader in monetization solutions, as its preferred partner to enable subscriptions and digital goods monetization for all properties built on the Firefly platform. Trilogy is developing social games using Firefly for leading entertainment and media companies, including both original IP and licensed content.

“We’ve spent the past five years building up an expertise in social and casual games, and now have a complete platform in Firefly to quickly deliver massive, immersive games for leading content publishers,” said Michael Pole, Trilogy Studios CEO. “Together with PlaySpan, we have a full service platform that works universally with third party developer tools and delivers top notch browser-based gameplay and monetization opportunities.”

PlaySpan’s monetization platform runs seamlessly on Firefly, and supports all leading Web browsers. The Firefly solution will take advantage of PlaySpan’s UltimatePay service, which provides over 85 global payment methods including credit card, PayPal, mobile, cash based, and the top selling Ultimate Game Card.

“Our partnership with Trilogy Studios takes a best practices approach and blends together two of the most formidable developer-based offerings in the games industry,” said Karl Mehta, Founder & CEO of PlaySpan. “We expect the combined service to be put in use immediately by several major studios and content publishers looking to maximize revenue opportunities in a seamless and cost effective manner.”

In addition to facilitating commerce transactions, PlaySpan will provide a comprehensive developer analytics console, consolidated reporting, and monthly settlement for all payment methods to Trilogy and its clients.  PlaySpan will also act as the merchant of record on behalf of Trilogy partners who use Firefly.

The Firefly platform integrates the features of a traditional MMORPG into a very small footprint that allows nearly instantaneous access to the game through a Web browser.

Features include:

  • Support for a variety of gameplay elements including achievements and quests, skills development and leveling, in-world gameplay such as item collection and cooperative activities, as well as integrated game instances;
  • An interactive experience that allows players to click, walk over, stand on, throw and mingle with virtually any object or character in the game;
  • Integrated monetization program, in cooperation with PlaySpan, that offers subscriptions, sponsorships, microtransactions and advertising, as well as reporting and data mining.
  • Social networking features such as integrated email, chat and messaging; users can generate content in-game and post it to their profiles.
  • Summon players across multiple servers for on-demand player interaction; track user interaction and make friend recommendations for compatible players.
  • All games built on Firefly are COPPA compliant and include built-in child safety tools such as activity monitoring, filtered Free Chat and Safe Chat, parental monitoring tools and a dedicated interface for full visibility into their child’s online play.